Remember Who You’re Talking To

Job 38 –

Have you ever found yourself saying something to someone and then realized that they already know it? Like a patient telling a doctor about some “medical fact” they read on the internet or when an atheist tries to lecture a Christian on what the bible really says. That’s what has just happened to Job. After Elihu gets done berating Job for going too far and reminding him of the God’s justice, God decides it’s His turn.

“Where were you?” Is the basic question God asks Job. With scathing sarcasm He humbles Job. It’s as if to say, “Remember Who you’re talking to!” There is nothing that you know as well as God knows. And what you do know is as nothing compared to God. His power, wisdom, and might are obvious in creation in so many ways. You should remember that when you are talking to or about God. Remember it and fear. Also, remember it and rejoice. Because this God, the one in the heavens who has done whatsoever He has pleased is also the God who has become your Father by giving His Son for you. Remember that when you’re talking to God or about God too.

In Christ
Pastor Ude