Like Father…Like Son

2 Chronicles 30 –

What a feast! For more than 200 years the Passover had not been celebrated like this. For more than 200 years, Judah had not had a king like this. Hezekiah was, in every way, his grandfather’s (with many “greats” attached) son. And in this chapter, we see how he was also in many ways his grand (with many more “greats” attached) son’s father. Each son of David is to some extent a type of Christ. But the events of our story particularly show us great David’s greatest son.

First is the way that Hezekiah invites his norther neighbors. This is after the 10 northern tribes were taken into captivity – most of them that is. There were a few left behind. Hezekiah reaches out to them, inviting them to come to Jerusalem, to repent. He promises them God’s grace even that God will return their families from captivity! Most of them refuse. But we certainly see Jesus mirrored here. He too tirelessly reached out (and still is) to those who rejected Him.

Hezekiah also understands, as Jesus did, that the point of the Old Testament ceremonial regulations wasn’t to be a burden to man, to make sure he jumps through this hoop and then that. The Passover was meant to be a time of joy and restoration because of God’s deliverance in the past and the deliverance still to be through the coming Savior. So he holds the Passover even though it’s the wrong month (they were unable to have it in the right month since the priests were not purified), He prays for mercy for those who weren’t properly prepared (they likely were ignorant of the preparations they were supposed to make), and then he holds it an extra week!  Hezekiah himself provides for the sacrifices! And the people all rejoiced at this! Just think how small our love for God’s deliverance is at times by comparison. So often we think church is too long if it runs past an hour. So easily we might view the extra services of holy week as a chore. What if we had church for 2 weeks straight! And communion every day! That would be a cause for rejoicing!

One day, in the Kingdom of our Father, we will feast forever at the Lamb’s banquet. Redeemed in the blood of David’s greatest Son, this weakness, this poverty of our souls that treats God’s deliverance so lightly and loves Him so little will be wiped away. Then the feast of deliverance will continue forever. Then, our songs will never die. Then our joy will never fade. For now, let us keep the feast each day in faith – delivered from sin, let us rejoice in every opportunity to receive forgiveness from His hand.

In Christ
Pastor Ude