Your Problem is God’s Problem…and That’s No Problem!

2 Kings 19 –

While you may not generally find yourself surrounded by an army the size of the city of Madison, you certainly do face problems every day. Most of them are little (first world problems). Some of them are harder – losing loved ones because of arguments or death or something else. None of these compare to what Hezekiah faced. But that should be comforting to us! It’s a greater to lesser argument – if God could so easily help Hezekiah out of such a big problem, then He can certainly help with all of ours That doesn’t mean he will make your problems all disappear like the Assyrian army. But it certainly means that every problem you face is really God’s problem – that is, He cares about it! He wants you to lay it before Him just like Hezekiah did with Sennacherib’s mocking. Plus, God wants you to see that every problem is really a spiritual problem. Every trouble is Satan besieging your soul, trying to distract you, to break you down, to depress you and steal your hope in Christ. He sends mocking words, “God cannot help you. God does not care about you.” Lay it, whatever problem you face, before God. Make it His problem and then it’s no problem. For on the list of God’s great works, the destruction of Sennacherib, as amazing as it is, is nothing compared to what happened some 500 years later outside that same city. The very thing which Isaiah (first introduced to us in this chapter) would prophecy of so clearly – the man of sorrows, the suffering servant of Jehovah would give His life, surrounded by enemies to deliver us from ours! He, by death would kill death. And He, by life would bring an end to every problem.

So that problem of yours? Make it God’s problem. See it through Christ. Then it’s no problem. Amen.

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In Christ
Pastor Ude