Be Careful Who You Get Into Bed With

2 Chronicles 22 –

We take a brief foray south now into the Kingdom of Judah. For the evil of Ahab’s house has spread there. You may remember that Jehoram had been king after Jehoshaphat and Jehoram was a terrible king. He did not walk in the ways of his fathers David and Jehoshaphat. He undid the good which Jehoshaphat had done. And the main reason was who he got into bed with. You’ve probably heard that phrase before in reference to a business deal with a shady character or making a “deal with the devil” and the like. With Jehoram, we are talking about who her married – the daughter of Ahab Athaliah. She would pervert Jehoram to her ungodly ways. Only it would be much worse than that, the destruction that this ungodly woman would bring to Judah and to David’s royal line was nearly entirely catastrophic. After Jehoram died, she essentially ruled through her son Ahaziah whom she perverted and manipulated and he killed all his brothers! Then when Ahaziah died, Athaliah thought she should be queen, so she killed every single member of the royal family of the house of David – her own family! But she missed one daughter and her child. Joash was whisked away, unknown to Athaliah and hidden.

See what destruction can come from choosing an ungodly spouse! This does not mean that it is a sin to marry someone who is an unbeliever. God can and certainly has changed hearts before and of course most unbelievers are not going to murder their family like Athaliah did. But it serves as a reminder to value godliness and faith as the most important characteristics in those we seek to entrust our lives and our children to. Perhaps one great question to ask is – if I have children with this person, would I want them to believe what he/she believes? What kind of an influence would he/she have on my faith? On my children’s?

Of course, no matter what happens – whether we make a decision for good reasons and it doesn’t turn out the way we expect, whether we make a decision for a bad reason, even if your spouse were to murder your whole family, God loves. God works all things for good. The most important aspect of this account is that little child of hope – Joash. He was rescued and kept safe. He would later blossom into a godly king. But far more importantly, in him the line of the savior was continued. Even in the most terrible situations, God is faithful. Because of Jesus, even for the greatest troubles and in the greatest sins, there is forgiveness and there is peace and there is hope because our God works wondrous blessings in all situations. Trust Him!

In Christ
Pastor Ude