What Kind of God is Our God?

2 Kings 8:1-15 – https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2+Kings+8%3A1-15&version=ESV

God is not a God of evil. He did not make it. He does not want it. He hates it. He weeps at it just as Jesus wept at the tomb of Lazarus and as Elisha wept at what Hazael would do. Many then ask why he doesn’t just stop it? He could, it would mean the destruction of all things – including you because you too are evil in your sinful nature. We all have evil inside. God, in His mercy instead planned to save us, to forgive our sins and to destroy all evil on the last day. That means that in the meantime, He allows evil as He would through Hazael. But He does so only to work good things. Good things, peaceful things, things to correct, instruct, rebuke, relieve and comfort – those are the things that God is always doing. And as if just to remind us of that, the Holy Spirit includes in the first half of this chapter a reminder of the resurrection: Elisha raised the shunamite woman’s son because that is the kind of God our God is. He who died and rose again will raise you too on the last day. He will take you to glory where the evil will be gone and there will be no more weeping or sorrow. He will do this because He, rather than destroying you and all things for your sin, has forgiven you. That’s the kind of God our God is. He allows evil because He is loving and patient and forgiving.

In Christ

Pastor Ude