Those Who Are With Us Are More Than Those Who Are With Them

2 Kings 6:8-23 –

Usually numbers win out. In a war, it’s usually the side with more soldiers, more weapons, more money that wins. The civil war is a good example of that. The Union certainly didn’t have the better generals…they still won. It’s the same in baseball. That’s why everyone hates the Yankees (and now the Dodgers). They get the best free agents because they have the most money!

This might seem like a depressing thought for the Christian. If we were to look around us and count up all those who are with us verse those who are against us, what would we find? Even if we were to include all nominal Christians, we would still be woefully outnumbered. And you can’t even include all nominal Christians for many Christians are teaching things directly contrary to the Sciptures. Whether they mean to be or not, such are attacking Jesus’ Word and pose a danger to your faith. Then there are those who openly attack the gospel message – humanists, atheists, idolators – they may not be trying to harm you physically but their words are deadly to your soul. Then there is Satan and all his evil angels. Then there is the enemy on the inside – your own sinful nature.

With all these enemies surrounding us, what chance do we have? They have the numbers, they have the resources, they seem to be winning. But those who are with us are more than those who are with them. Even if we can’t see it, God never leaves us alone. Whatever is happening around us, whatever enemies we face, the Lord of Armies is our God and His angelic hosts surround us. That means that nothing happens to us that God does not allow. And if God has allowed it then we know that it is for our eternal well-being. He proved that when He who had the power to call 12 legions of angels down from the skies to reign fiery destruction on those who were falsely accusing and abusing him…didn’t. He suffered alone, enemies everywhere – every man turned against Him and even God attacking Him, punishing Him for all the sinners’ sins – for yours and mine. Seeing that, let our eyes be opened to see that He is with us because He has forgiven us. He will not leave us to the wolves. In Jesus, those who are with us are more than those who are with them.

In Christ
Pastor Ude