Consider, Do, and Trust

2 Kings 6:1-7 –

Ah, the good old days! When all you had to do to make a new building was borrow a few axes, cut down a few trees and stack them together! I suppose those were also the days of no electricity…no bathrooms…no air conditioning!

Things were certainly easier but there is something important to be learned here. These sons of the prophets recognized a need that they had – their building was too small! It was a practical need but a need nonetheless. They developed a plan to build. They brought it to Elisha and he gave his blessing. The “tragedy” that befell the man who lost the axe-head was obviously a pretty minor one. Things go wrong all the time in building projects. But the man was upset because he had borrowed the axe and did not want to lose it! Elisha, by God’s power and grace helped.

And so we He will help us. We too at Living Hope have determined a need – our building is too small! We are right now in the process of determining how best to address this. Let us trust that once we have considered and prayed and decided, God will bless us. We don’t know how that will be but we know that He will. He cared enough about a small thing like returning a borrowed axe and we know he cares about us and all we do in service to Him for He died for us and has called us to use our time, our talents, our resources to spread that news to all – He cares and He will bless. So, with renewed energy, let’s do the work He has given us to do and trust Him to bless it!

In Christ
Pastor Ude