2 samuel 4

2 Samuel 4 – https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2%20Samuel%204

And the bloodshed continues. And they’re proud of it! And again David shows His mettle or rather, His faith. He’s not interested in revenge and never has been. And that’s because of God. He knows that God will protect and avenge him when needed. In this case God uses the sin of these assassins to serve His purpose. He ends the civil war but that doesn’t mean he approves of what they did. So He has always done. . Evil people do evil things for evil reasons and always God causes their evil actions to turn out for good for His people. The ultimate example of this is the cross. Christ’s enemies wanted him dead, the devil wanted him dead and yet God used it to conquer His foes, He won forgiveness for the world, the ultimate good. He’s pretty good at working things out – got a problem? Leave it to Him.

In Christ

Pastor Ude