Sin, Consequence and Peace

2 Samuel 3 –

There’s a lot of bad stuff that happens in this chapter, a lot of really awful consequences for sin, tragic scenes. First, there is Mical. You might remember that Mical had been David’s wife but when Saul was trying to kill David, he took Mical away and gave her to someone else. Now David wants her back and you can’t really blame him (though you can blame him for having 2 other wives at least already). But man, her other husband follows after her weeping – breaks your heart! A direct result of Saul’s sin and a reminder of the pain that can be caused when people break God’s designs for marriage. Then there’s Abner. Abner took way too long to follow the Lord’s command that David should be king but he did come around and David (wisely) welcomed and forgave him. Joab, no so much. Joab is a pest and a thorn in David’s side. He kills Abner in revenge for him killing his brother (even though, oh yeah that was in battle and Abner warned Asahel to stop trying to kill him so he wouldn’t have to return the favor). What anger, what foolishness, what brazen treachery and sin! And it could have had terrible consequences. The civil war was finally over but such an act easily could have reignited the fight. But David, like his Son Jesus brought peace. He humbled himself and wept for Abner (who had disobeyed God and opposed David). David fasted for him and wept for him and everyone saw it. David brought peace by forgiveness and cursed Joab’s house though frankly, he probably should have executed Joab (if he wasn’t David’s cousin, he probably would have). Jesus too brought peace, Jesus too humbled himself and forgave those who had disobeyed and opposed Him. He laid out his life on the cross not only fasting and weeping but suffering and dying for the sins of all. Let that be our comfort and our example when others sin against us, forgiveness brings peace.

Prayer – Lord forgive me for I have sinned and so let me also forgive others. Let your peace settle upon us like peaceful showers to bring forth fruits of love and joy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.