You Are What You Worship

Isaiah 44:1-22 –
“You are what you eat” is a trite and yet rather true phrase. If you eat too many carrots, your skin really will turn orange. If you eat nothing but fast food, you’ll probably have a fast life (and I don’t mean that you’ll just drive a fast car). What you consume has a major impact on you. It shapes you.
The same is true of the God you worship. Isaiah points out here the foolishness of false gods, particularly the practice of worshiping idols. He says to the idolator, “Umm…you literally just made that yourself. It is deaf, dumb, blind, and dead.” As the psalmist said “all who worship them become like them.” And that is true of every false religion. Those who worship the god that Mohammed made up will become like him – nothing. Their lives will be useless. All their laws and “good works” as non-existent as their man-made god. Those who worship money will become like it: cruel, untrustworthy, treacherous and vain. Those who worship themselves will be like a dog chasing it’s tail.
But those who worship the true God? Those who believe in Jesus Christ Son of God and savior of the world? They become like Him. For He has chosen them. They become Sons of God in Baptism. Their sins are forgiven, blotted out at the cross (V. 22) and they are declared holy and righteous just as He is. His Spirit is given to them (V. 3) and unites them with the Eternal Trinity. He sanctifies them and leads them to be transformed into the image of the Son. And when He comes again, they beholding His fully glory will be transformed to be just like Him, for they will see Him as He is. All who thus hope in Him purify themselves just as He is pure! You are what you worship. Worship Christ.
In Christ
Pastor Ude