But Nothing

“But Nothing”

I’m sure you’ve heard the buts. It’s inevitable. It’s not that hard to prove that Abortion is a moral evil. So what follows is the buts. “But what about cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger.” There are a large number of people who claim to be Pro-Life still say it’s ok to have an abortion in such cases. And of course the hardcore abortion activists paint anyone who opposes abortion in such cases as “dangerous extremists.” But consider:

Let’s take cases of rape and incest first. I suppose that there are a few reasons someone would bring these up. The first is that people often suppose the reason why someone shouldn’t have an abortion is because it was their own fault that they got pregnant to begin with. While this is a factor, it is not the reason. The reason people shouldn’t have abortion is because a child is a child. Life is precious. Obviously when someone has been raped, it’s not as if they are at fault for anything. They have been the victim of a terrible crime and they need love and compassion. But anyone who would therefore argue that it should be ok for them to have an abortion is clearly insane. Did the child rape someone? Liberals are often opposed to the death penalty because they think killing is wrong even when the person deserves it. But they’re ok with killing a baby because of something it’s father did? This makes no sense. Further, it’s not helpful to the mother. Violence isn’t going to help cure the scars of violence. That’s like saying “Oh hey, someone punched you in the gut? Here I’ll make that better by punching you again and harder.”

As a society we should have options, resources, and all the help there is to have available for those who find themselves in such a terrible position. But Abortion is not help. It’s murder.

The idea that abortion is ok in cases of incest is an even more untenable position. There was actually consent there! The only reason for this argument is something very akin to Hitler’s ideas about eugenics. Sadly that kind of logic is all too often acceptable in the abortion crowd. It is not uncommon for abortions to be sought for children who aren’t what their parents or society wants them to be – wrong gender, wrong genes, wrong disability. How very noble. How very helpful. Your baby has down syndrome? Abort it right? Your baby isn’t the gender you want? Why not abort it? Why don’t you just paste on a Hitler moustache while you’re at it.

Finally, when there are cases where it truly is a matter of life and death, it should be left to the couple and doctor. Those cases are few and rare. And I don’t mean where the mother might die. I mean where if the baby is not aborted the mother will die. Or if the mother might die and the baby certainly will. I can’t say what I would choose in that situation and it would be terribly difficult but in that situation and in that situation alone should abortion be allowed. Only because there you are left with the choice of one life or another.

In summary, let there be no buts, no rationalizations, no excuses, after all Christ made none when He obeyed His Father’s will even unto death.