Don’t Be Afraid, Be With Jesus

Isaiah 8:9-15 –…

Fear is often the most fearful enemy. When people are afraid the can do some pretty terrible things. There are many who know this and try to use it for their advantage – Adolf Hitler was like that. He fed the people on fear so that he could sell them his solution.

Isaiah brings a warning and a comfort to his people and to us in these verses. He says – don’t be afraid of anything except God. Don’t listen when people say “Conspiracy! Conspiracy!” Don’t get carried away by doomsday predictions or by political rhetoric. These things all distract, they all ignore the wonderful truth expressed in verse 10. There we find what is really to be the cry of the church in the face of any and every foe, “Bring it on, God is with us!”

When you rightly fear God, that is stand in awe of Him, His power, His law, His works then you know that there is no one who can stand against Him, no one who can defy His will or thwart His plans. That’s terrifying if you’re against Him, it’s wonderful and awesome if He is with you. And in Jesus that is exactly what God is – He is with you by birth, by water, by blood, by suffering, by death, by resurrection. He is with you and through faith you are with Him.

If He alone is your fear and He alone your dread, He who is so awesome in majesty and power and holiness who yet graciously stooped to be with you and forgive your sins, then what could you have to fear? Don’t give in to fear, just be with Jesus.

In Christ
Pastor Ude