Now or Later?

Isaiah 2:6-22 –

Procrastinating usually isn’t a good idea. If you make a habit of it, you’ll undoubtedly suffer for it eventually. Not all things can be put off. And sometimes, the longer they are, the worse it gets. The dentist is like that. If you have a small cavity, don’t procrastinate about it, it’s only going to get worse, it’s only going to hurt more – both in your mouth and in your wallet.

Don’t procrastinate about God either. Don’t be fooled into thinking, “It doesn’t matter how I live, there’s no God and if there is he doesn’t care, my life is pretty good after all.” Don’t be fooled into making things created by people or people themselves into your gods – the things you love and trust above all others. Don’t procrastinate. When you hear God’s voice calling to you in His Word, listen. When you hear Him expose your sin in His law, repent. When you see Him point you to the cross of Christ, believe. This is not something you can afford to procrastinate about. Because even if it is painful, it’s only the pain of now, it’s only the pain of your sinful flesh screaming at it’s own death. And this pain of the law is replaced with the sweet comfort of the good news of forgiveness in Jesus. If God humbles you in this way, He will also raise you up.

But if you refuse, then a day will come (verses 12-20) when you will be struck down, all that you loved, all that you trusted in will be useless to you, then there will be no hiding, no comfort from the storm of God’s wrath. Don’t procrastinate. Be humbled now by His law and rise in faith through His Good News or be humbled later and you will never rise again.

In Christ
Pastor Ude