You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Job 10 –…

Have you ever felt like you had no purpose in life? There’s a lady I talked to once who felt that way. She’d been sick for many years and pretty had to be taken care of all her life. She felt like she was worthless, a drain on other people with no purpose for living. Job felt like that too. He wishes that he had never been born. He can’t figure out why God keeps him around when he has nothing left to live for. He knows that God is His creator and so He asks why the One who made him, who showed him His steadfast love, would allow this to come upon him. It’s very natural to feel that way when suffering like Job was, but remember you don’t know what you don’t know. And what Job didn’t know was the plan that God had for him. He didn’t know that soon God would bless him abundantly. He didn’t know that God would use his life as an example to comfort and strengthen His church for thousands of years. He didn’t know and there was no way for him to know. Sometimes you won’t know either. But you really only need to know one thing: God is your creator, He is your redeemer. You are His child. He has a purpose for your life even when you feel worthless. And we know what that purpose is: it’s to bring you to eternal life through faith in His crucified and risen Son and it’s to use you to bring comfort and strength through the message of Jesus Christ to those who are in need. This is what you do know. This is enough!

In Christ
Pastor Ude