Israel: A Warning

2 Kings 17:1-23 –

This is a sad milestone of a chapter – the end of a nation, 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel taken away forever – ruled by and mixed in with the other nations that they so wanted to be like. God had been patient with them (as the chapter recounts), God had been nothing but gracious with them, calling them back to Him many times. He had performed many mighty works, He had sent faithful prophets, they never listened. Finally, their time was up. God had removed the Canaanite nations before them because of their great wickedness, now Israel was indistinguishable from those nations, so what good were they? What good is salt when it loses it’s saltiness? Good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. That’s what God did with Israel.

And do not be deceived, the same could happen to you. If you reject His Word. If you take His gospel for granted. If friendship with the world is more important to you than these. If you refuse to repent and if you reject His warnings, if you, the Christian, lose that which makes you Christian and leave your faith and love behind – what good are you? If you are just like everyone else? What good are you? The greatest punishment that God can give is simply letting us have what we sinfully desire – to be just like the world and for Him to leave us alone.

Pray that this may not happen to you! Repent of sin. Throw yourself on Christ and His Word, His grace, His promise. Rely on Jesus the Shepherd who gave His life for you – He is also holding you, helping you, guarding you. Take Israel as a warning of your sin, trust Jesus as the answer.

In Christ
Pastor Ude