All is Well

2 Kings 4:8-37 –

Have you ever given the the common question (“how are you doing?”) it’s common answer (“good”), all the while thinking that it was not “good”? And I don’t just mean that “good” is not really a correct response to that question (Superman does good, you are doing well). We let those words fall out of our mouths without really giving them a second thought most of the time. “I’m well,” “All is well.” Do we mean what we say?

The Shunammite woman did. And when she gave that answer to Gehazi, it was just after her son had died. She didn’t tell her husband. She didn’t tell Gehazi. She said “All is well” because it was. She was confident that God would raise him up. After all, as she told Elisha – she hadn’t asked for this. This was his blessing to her, one so great she dared not even desire it lest it not be given to her. For her, all really was well because she trusted that God would be faithful. And he was. Through Elisha, God raised her son.

All is well with you too. No matter what storm has overtaken you, no matter what hole you find yourself in. All is well with you because Jesus lives. God raised up His Son as He promised. He gave Him to us to be the answer to all our deepest needs, to forgive us and love us and bring us to Him. He gave Him into death but He didn’t leave Him there. Jesus lives. And because He lives, all is well. You are His. He is yours. He is with you. He cares for you. And nothing can happen to you that is not good for you. So next time someone asks you “how are you?” You can say “I am well” because all is well. Jesus lives.

Prayer –

In Christ
Pastor Ude