Is There No God In Israel?

2 Kings 1 –

You fall and break your arm, what do you do? Go to the hospital. You’ve got a big test coming up and you need a good grade, what do you do? You study. You’re hoping to get a promotion at work – you work hard. Someone breaks into your house? You call 911, or grab a bat….or both. You feel down and discouraged and you play your favorite song or watch your favorite show. It makes you feel better.

What I’ve just described to you is not, in itself, in any way sinful. When you break your arm, you should go to the hospital, you should study and work hard etc. But the question I’d have you ponder today is – is that the first thing you do? Is that where you place your hopes? Or do you pray first to God.

Ahaziah didn’t. He, Ahab before him, didn’t care what God had to say. No doubt he thought that God was just a big meanie! So he turned to a false god. Then, he tried to command God’s prophet, as if the king was above God! 102 men died for his foolishness. And Ahaziah brought his death on himself. He expected judgment from God so judgment is what he got. He didn’t love God because He didn’t know God’s love. He had refused it and turned away from it. In Christ, all things are for our good, outside of Him, all things are against us.

So where do you turn first – for help, for strength, for focus, for comfort? Let it not be to a false god – isn’t there a God in Israel? Isn’t He the God of grace who has poured out His love on you, forgiving your sins in Jesus? Doesn’t He long to help? Doesn’t He work all things for your good? Next time you need help, call Jesus first, He can help!

In Christ
Pastor Ude